Seed + Salt was thought up whilst re branding from MC after getting married. It took some time to create a name that resembled my style and the places I love to be when photographing a session.


Country + Coast came to mind.. My childhood home on 13 acres with beautiful whiskey grass (those glowing seeds at the top) and the coast we’re we spent all our spare time waiting on waves because my Dad was a surfer!!

So after we were married and lost my Dad in the same year (2017) it felt very fitting.

When I think of Seed + Salt, I don’t only think of myself and my childhood - I think of the idyllic locations that surround us on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW - close to every wave is a paddock of glowing grass!


I've loved photography for many years. It has always been a huge passion of mine from a very little age. I could sit for hours and look through old photos as a kid, evoking those childhood memories. Always carrying a camera on me to capture friends and life through my teen years. Then into an amazing inspiring career at age 26.

I must thank my little legends that continue to inspire me since bringing them into the world and a wonderful supportive hubby.


When it comes to style, I'm a lover of action and adventure. I also love getting those intimate moments. I will give direction but for me, my favourites, are the natural in between moments. All the while finding it hard to believe that my clients simply have no idea what I’m taking until they receive their gallery. Then the feedback keeps me on this path. One very constant comment after delivering a gallery is: 
"I don't even remember that being taken"  ✌

My goal is to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and at home while in my presence. My promise is to make you laugh lots during a session, the double chin type and to truly connect without the awkward smiles. You'll leave feeling a little boot camp inspired as mentioned by a few people over time, I promise it's not that bad ha. I am all for documenting you as you are. I’m not big on adding in extras or changing the way you look. Just you and your loved ones doing life.

At the end of the day, all I have ever wanted out of what I do is for my clients to walk away with a new outlook on having photos taken and a gallery FULL OF LOVE!

I am a very social and happy-going person. I only want to give you the types of images I would want for myself. I want you to feel that same emotion each time you look at your photos !!!

Please make sure to pop me a message, I’d love to hear from you.

Liss ✨

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