Troy + Jasmine | Crescent Head, NSW

Troy + Jasmine A celebration of love under apocalyptic skies 💕

If you told me their wedding day would be covered in an orange smoke haze with ash and burnt leaves falling from the sky, I’d say your dreaming……. but no one could have prepared for what this amazing couple were braced with and let me tell you, they braved it!!

Regardless of how orange the sky became, we made the absolute most of it, dancing with ash on our heads and burnt leaves at our feet, it was like nothing anyone had ever witnessed before.

I must admit, we were worried when it came to the location part of the day, however so lucky to have Erin @ Hello Coco Studio shooting alongside me, when we arrived at Racecourse beach it honestly looked like the world was ending. Barely any light in sight. White balance completely out, it was like shooting in sepia. The ocean that is usually a beautiful bluey green was a complete washout connecting with the sky that had turned grey and the grass coming up in shades of brown. The beach covered in ash and burnt leaves and orange sand…. Still not knowing where the fires were exactly. We worked with what we could and thanks to post processing, being able to rectify the photos later in edit – yewww!

When we returned to the reception venue @ Crescent Head SLSC the sky became the most beautiful orange and had a lot of fun creating portraits for wedding guests as a very memorable day.

Troy + Jas enjoyed every second of it even if they did marry on the day the world was ending 😉

We loved being a part of your journey together into marriage and will forever be a very memorable day in my eyes.

Enjoy reminiscing the day two became one under the orange sky xx

Makeup: Jacky Piper Hair: Grazia Hair

Celebrant: Angie Jackson

Flowers: Ellerslie Flowers Venue: Crescent Head SLSC Band: Gypsy Royals

Catering: The Green Room