Shaun + Courtney | The Byabarra, NSW


It was a really hard task choosing my favourites to share or even culling photos from this wedding day.

Two people clearly having the time of their lives with a great crowd by their side.

When I woke on the day, I was worried - windy, smoky and a dry hot. I walked to the car to leave and almost blew over. I started to feel concerned for them. I arrived to the Byabarra and it was as if I'd imagined that weather in my head. A beautiful venue in the mountains, protected by the wind and enough trees to keep a cool breeze filtering through. It was magic. The whole day felt so easy.

A memory from our first meeting together during their complimentary couples session, after we finished Court asked how awkward they were (like most couples). Little did they know they were a blast, laughing uncontrollably at them, with them and to them 😂 The day they received their gallery, Court couldn't believe how UN-awkward they turned out. The best feeling when I send a gallery out and receive the hugest compliment because they had no expectation of how they would look.

Another funny moment during our time chatting; I suggested I create a timings for their day...

The look on Courts face, she turned to me and said "it's really relaxed".

I knew exactly what she meant, no fuss, no stress just everything happens when it happens.

I explained, It's always wonderful to think that way however when you book a photographer for a smaller time-frame it means I need to squish all the important stuff in so it's not missed, I still don't think I had her on board. On the day she turned to me and said "I get it" haha time flies by so fast when your having fun.

We took off for photos away from Byabarra, a property I sighted with grass exactly as Court had asked for. We were swarmed by flies but we didn't let that worry us, (the edit not so much fun😉). We danced, laughed, kicked up dust with a little bit of love thrown in there and left feeling really satisfied.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of games, bubbles, beautiful food and infectious laughing throughout the speeches. Donuts for desert and the most amazing band "Manning DeGroot" giving all the vibes.

Thanks for having me, you guys rocked this day. Enjoy a little visit down memory lane 💕

Hair: Hair Shennigans Makeup: Courtney Dunn

Celebrant: Edith McArthy Flowers: Sweet Blossom Floral

Music: Manning DeGroot

Venue: The Byabarra

THE END... 💑