Jack + Candice | Wallamba Downs

Jack + Candice

I have been hanging to get this wedding blogged to share with you. The venue, Wallamba Downs was freaking amazing.. The ceremony location overlooking the property and the beautiful forest of trees was simply stunning. Candice arrived with both parents in her fathers Kingswood. She looked absolutely stunning and you can tell by the look in Jacks eyes he thought so too and so happy to see her. Following the ceremony they tried something a little different to most couples, they put off going with the bridal party straight away for photos and instead mingled in the garden enjoying drinks, nibbles and good times with their guests. When we did take off for the bridal party photos everyone was keen to get down and dirty with the games, this made for an amazing hour of photos. We also stopped a local driving up the road so he could do a dusty ha... I love the fun these sessions bring.

The reception was a barrel of laughs with each couple in the bridal party entering in a very unique way. All the usual festivities, speeches cake and first dance. I had been looking forward to this day from the first time I met Jack + Candice. Their engagement session we were all in stitches, I knew the wedding would exceed all my expectations. And that it did !!!!

So glad I could turn you're moments into pictures to have forever x