David + Petrisse | Crescent Head

This attractive couple found me via a hashtag #midnorthcoastweddings – you do not understand how much I will forever be grateful for Instagram 😊 David + Petrisse come from Newcastle so all correspondence was via email or text messages until the week of their wedding, I finally got to meet them. We had booked an engagement session in as a little “break the ice” before the big day. When they arrived, one of the first things they told me was…. “We’re really awkward”…… Little did they know just how much they had nailed the session, I didn’t see one little bit of awkward and I was stoked to show them what we had made. Petrisse explained that her dress was made out of recycled table cloths, I couldn’t quite understand at all what it would look like but on their wedding morning when I saw it, I’m pretty sure my jaw hit the ground…… Unquestionably one of my favourite bridal dresses!!!

Everything about this day made me feel like dancing. The dried flowers for their arbour, the colours of the bridesmaid dresses, Petrisse’s hat, dress + barefoot sandals plus the guys looking great too. I was in wedding heaven.

The crowd surrounding these two were just magic. Such a friendly group of people. I enjoyed chatting away with everyone on the day. I am so glad you guys found me and one another, thanks for the beers, introducing me to “Stone & Wood” was the best thing ever 😊

I wish you both so much happiness and lots of waves together, I loved hearing all about you’re journey so far – you’re day was seriously amazing, enjoy these!