Jared + Corinne | Cassegrain Winery

I must admit, I was a little anxious when I heard the forecast for the lead-up to their day, I was hopeful for it to be a washout in the days prior to the wedding, however mother nature had other plans….

The morning was dark, gloomy and lots of rain, driving to Port Macquarie - feeling a little concerned but walking into a house filled with absolute legends, all my concerns were forgotten, and I had so much fun shooting the getting ready part.

They chose a two-storey home at lighthouse beach for everyone to get ready. The bride and bridesmaids/bridesman were upstairs, while the groom and his mates were downstairs. This worked wonderfully, especially locking the groom in the garage to get photos of the wedding dress downstairs.

^^^ I would suggest doing this to all future brides ^^^

I got to meet most of the family before the day had started so I felt completely comfortable for the remainder of the wedding, What an accommodating bunch of people!

The bridal party consisted of a group of friends since high school and I kept feeling like I wished I’d been a part of this group 😊 Lots of laughs were had and the stories, especially of the hens night which, had me laughing a lot.

Makeup by Court, amazing!!!! Courtney is such a beautiful person and her attention to detail just WOW’d me… Super quiet compared to me but truly into the job, highly recommend!!

Corinne’s sister Leonie was on hair, she completed 3 bridesmaids, the bride, herself, two flower girls and her Mum’s hair…… It’s a hard gig when you’re a part of the bridal party but you do a smashing job at hair!!! Leonie has a true passion and I would highly recommend her too.

Jared and Corinne originally planned on a beautiful outdoor ceremony using the lawn at Cassegrain… the weather had other plans and a few days out from their wedding they agreed to change their ceremony to the Barrell Room. As always, it worked out just as good maybe even better, definitely for my style of photography, the Barrell Room has such a nice feel, dark and moody and very different to your normal outdoor ceremony locations. As we set off for the bridal party photos the rain cleared and we had a lot of fun creating these photos, a bridal party that is down for whatever - suits me to a T.

I must mention, Cassegrain is such a gorgeous venue, so many beautiful spots for location photos.

Jared got a pretty cool wedding present – a little drive in the best Mustang I’ve ever seen @Dan Lomas (Kempsey Mustangs).

Highly recommend Sarah Jae Hudson who made all the amazing bouquets and styled the venue for Corinne and Jared. So much work went into this and her style is phenomenal.

Soon enough the reception had kicked off with my favourite band @Gypsy Royals (highly highly recommend). Every song they played I could have danced to, such unique voices and always make a party. The bridal party entered, and dinner was served. As we were waiting, I noticed a rainbow outside, I ran straight to the bridal party table and snapped the quickest photo I could get. Now that has to be the best luck you can get, a complete wash out and a beautiful rainbow to end the daylight !

After dinner were speeches, Corinne’s Dad had me in stitches, he started reading from a piece of paper and only a short way in he got lost in story mode – I just loved the way he told their story especially the first time Jared came home. Jared’s Dad got me quite emotional, it is truly so inspirational that Jared is here today, fit and healthy and able to marry the amazing girl in his life. A VEGAN CAKE that tasted SO GOOD!!! Lachie @crumb_coat not only do I love your personality but I have now fell in love with you’re cakes and I will be recommending you everywhere!!! The first dance, I always love this part, it was short and sweet but the way they look at one another just shows me how real they are!!! Bouquet toss went to Corinne’s sister Leonie and the look on her face tells me she was pretty stoked 😊

Ahhh, I am so glad I was there to capture all of this. I see the love and friendship between you, it’s so clear to see... I am so happy with how the day turned out for you guys considering the weather!!! You both didn’t let on if you felt stressed at anytime and I just wish we could do it all over again!!!! x

Enjoy ~