Ben & Millie | Mines Road, NSW

Ben & Millie ❤

Congratulations on a flawless backyard wedding, it’s easy to see that you work well as a team with majority of the setup completed by yourselves and those final touches by your suppliers.

A gorgeous venue, on Ben’s Mum, Rachel’s property at Mungay Creek.

I fell in love with the Tuscan feel of this home, those mustard walls and all the vines hanging down plus Rachel’s stunning gardens and the interior!!!

I couldn’t wait for the day to unfold.

Ben & Millie were one of my first engagement sessions since relocating from Sydney to Kempsey. They were absolute gems, we remained friends and as I grew with the business, time got less and less until their wedding day.

When Millie finally contacted me to book in for Nov 17, 2018. I was stoked, it had felt like forever since the engagement session but had creeped up so quickly and…. Well, I may have done a few somersaults of excitement.

A super calm morning, I couldn't believe how stress free it was.

They started off at JB’s in Kempsey, with the talented Jemma styling the girls hair.

Millie and the girls returned back to the property on Mines Road, Mungay Creek to finalise the setup for the ceremony with the help of the boys... I really love a backyard wedding and the idea of having both the bridesmaids and groomsmen in the one place.