Craig & Vania | Beaches @ Bonny Hills

It's not a wedding, it's a party......... this was what I had heard from the first time I met the bride, Vania. And that, it was!!! A great party, with so much emotion and happiness in one spot, bringing together friends and family from all over... The photos speak for themselves. The day started out great, everything ran smoothly. Vania being a makeup artist, not only did she do her own makeup but the bridal party too and was completely stress free when I arrived.

About 20 minutes before they were due to leave for the ceremony, a storm hit at Bonny Hills, it came out of nowhere taking the arch and chairs with it - so the decision was made to relocate to the balcony of Beaches at Bonny Hills. I was worried about space but it actually turned out perfect and very lucky because 10 minutes into the congratulations the rain came down again and this time it was almost cyclonic.

The emotion definitely stemmed from how long everyone had waited for this day, it was amazing and it was so lovely meeting so many gorgeous people in one place and another crazy fun bridal team! Loved everything about your wedding PARTY - enjoy the memories! Thanks for having me x