Birthing | Olivia Rosemarie

Shortly after 1am on the 30th January I received a call from Adrien that Bianca had gone into labour and arranged for me to come in and start photographing her birth. I madly drove to the hospital thinking I'd miss all the action, but I was completely wrong, turned out I was nice and early and would be able to photograph this amazing birth from start to finish!

After 3 natural births, this was the first natural birth I've ever witnessed and comparing our births, I'm putting it down to the fact that Bianca is a midwife and this is why it was so relaxed and easy or so it seemed ha ha 😊

Bianca remained calm the whole way through. Well equipped with snacks for Adrien, a playlist for herself and with her best friend as the midwife. Bianca delivered a beautiful little girl “Olivia Rosemarie” at 7.09am – 9 minutes after Bron’s shift had finished.

It all happened very quickly in the end – Little Olivia must have known her Aunty Bron was finishing her shift…

A highly emotional and inspiring experience. Looking back through the images I wish I had this kind of document of my labours with my babies. It seems to feel like forever when your doing it but as soon as it’s over all you have are the memories and maybe some people prefer not to remember but those that want these memories – I say do it, you won’t regret it!

Congrats Adrien & Bianca on a beautiful little girl and thank you for letting me be a part of your birthing xo