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sport of a video or a drama scene. With a simple click, it can transform into a new video. Top trends on YouTube The latest trends on YouTube can be a huge source of inspiration. From epic moments in sports to a new way to do your make-up, these are the most talked about trends on the platform. Big news The big news trends on YouTube have more than 70,000 posts on Google, and last year, YouTube’s trending section surpassed Twitter. It reflects the importance of big moments and major news in our lives. Sports: The rise of esports Some of the biggest trending sports moments on YouTube are being recorded on events such as the FIFA World Cup and the NBA Championships. Esports are becoming more and more popular in the western world with the rise of video games such as Fortnite and League of Legends. Fans of the virtual sport are often calling it a new step in the sports world. VR is the next big thing Virtual reality has become the next big thing in the internet. Almost every platform is trying to be the first to offer this innovative new technology to their users. Fashion The rise of celebrities and social media influencers on YouTube can also be seen in fashion. Some fashion videos have climbed to billions of views and are now among the most watched videos on the platform. According to a YouTube study, the women’s clothing category was the most popular video with 9.3 billion views and .a fashion brand named Calvin Klein had the most views in the last 6 months of 2019. Beauty and make-up Like fashion, YouTube influencers can also have an impact on how people get dressed and apply makeup. Make-up has become one of the most popular trends on the platform, particularly for girls. Both males and females are trying to look their best in make-up. How to's YouTube is the best place to learn how to do a new trend, such as a different makeup or outfit. Some of the most viewed tutorials are how to draw, how to draw anime, how to draw horror, how to do a messy bun, how to draw hot babes, how to draw a flower, how to draw an infinity scarf, how to draw a dragon, how to draw hair styles, how to draw a clown, how to draw a vampire, how to draw flowers, how to draw hair, how to draw anime eyes, how




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Etkahardlockdriverwindows10 [2022-Latest]

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